Membership in the Investors Club

There are currently two Investor Club membership packages available for:

  • Standard package (Cost 790 Euro per year)
  • Extended package (Cost 1990 Euro per year)

At club meetings, we analyze and discuss the most pressing issues in the field of investment, financial planning, taxation or pension insurance. As speakers, we involve professional lawyers, financiers and economists, as well as other leading experts who can provide high-quality advice and expert assessments in the field of investment and finance.

Regular meetings as part of the Investors Club are also a great way to share experiences with participants and make new and useful contacts.

Professional legal and financial advice from experienced lawyers and economists is always available for members of the Investor Club on exclusive terms.



  • Personal advice and assistance on investing, opening brokerage accounts, and buying assets
  • Access to a private community chat where you can ask your questions and be able to get the latest information about relevant and profitable investment strategies, tools or companies
  • Advice on creating a personal portfolio, conducting analytics, etc.
  • The opportunity to participate in webinars and workshops on the most pressing investment issues
  • Special conditions for participation in investment tours and live events
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • Subscribe to a news channel where our robots collect information from various financial media and publish the most relevant things
  • Subscribe to Weekly Market Updates


Includes all the services of the standard package and additionally:

  • Ability to request analysis of individual assets (stocks). Financial analytics on demand 1 time per quarter.
  • The ability to present your projects to club members

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Application processing takes up to 72 hours !

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