Investments in the stock market

Invest independently, directly and without intermediaries, through proven and reliable global platforms.

Investing in securities on the stock market is the most promising way to invest in building your financial future and the future of your children. By investing in shares of large global companies, you acquire a stake in these companies, and you can receive dividends, use shares as collateral, transfer them by inheritance, etc.

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For members of the Investors Club, we hold regular consultations and webinars, where:

  • You will learn how it is possible to independently buy shares of large global companies, without intermediaries, directly through a broker.
  • You will receive assistance in choosing a suitable and reliable broker, whose activities will be insured and audited by regulators, and you are guaranteed to avoid contact with scammers.
  • You will receive full support in opening a brokerage account, starting with filling out questionnaires, obtaining documents for passing currency control and notifying the Federal Tax Service, as well as issues related to replenishment and bank transfers
  • Assistance in installing software on your computer and mobile phone for independent purchase and sale of securities and their registration in your name.
  • Advice and support in the implementation of the first transactions.

We will literally take you by the hand and guide you through all the stages from start to finish. At each stage, our specialists will advise you on all emerging issues.

You can find out more at a preliminary FREE consultation, which you can sign up for by filling out the form on the right above .


  • The expected return on such investments is about 20% -25% per annum .
  • The minimum recommended investment in securities is $2,000 .
  • The recommended investment period is at least 1 year .

Apply for a preliminary consultation on independent investment in securities, and we will contact you within 24 hours and answer your questions.

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    For independent purchase and sale of securities on the stock market, we recommend opening a brokerage account in advance.